Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program: Laws and Regulations You Should Know

Pennsylvania is a state with a rich history and culture, as well as a thriving sports scene. It is also one of the states that has legalized medical cannabis, but not recreational cannabis.

This means that only patients with a qualifying condition and a valid certification from a registered physician can get their Pennsylvania medical marijuana card and access cannabis products from licensed dispensaries. However, there are some exceptions and limitations to this rule.

Is Weed Legal in Pennsylvania?

Yes, but only for medicinal use with a valid medical marijuana card.

It should be noted that not all forms of cannabis are allowed for medical use. Patients can only obtain cannabis in the form of pills, oils, tinctures, liquids, topicals, or vaporizable products. Smoking cannabis is prohibited, as well as edibles and home cultivation. 

Cannabis flower is allowed for medical use if it is used in a dry herb vaporizer, which produces a warm vapor from cannabis flower.

When Was Cannabis Legalized in Pennsylvania?

The state allowed the sale of cannabis flower in licensed dispensaries in 2018, after overwhelming feedback from medical marijuana patients. Today, Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis market is one of the strongest in the nation.

Where Can PA Medical Card Holders Buy Cannabis

Patients age 18 or older are able to purchase cannabis from state-licensed medical dispensaries. Patients under the age of 18 are not eligible to purchase medical cannabis, but they can designate a caregiver, such as a parent.

The state does not charge sales tax on cannabis purchases, but it does impose a 5% gross receipts tax on growers and processors.

Is Cannabis Delivery Available in Pennsylvania?

Cannabis delivery is not available, but curbside pickup and transportation services are allowed for medical patients.When transporting your own cannabis, it must be in a sealed container or stored in the trunk of the vehicle out of reach of the driver and passengers.

Where Can Patients with a PA Med Card Legally Use Medical Marijuana

Cannabis consumption is restricted to private properties, such as residences. Public consumption, as well as consumption in any business without a license for commercial cannabis consumption, is illegal.

Cannabis cannot be consumed in motorized vehicles in motion, either by the driver or passengers. Cannabis of any kind is also not allowed on national parks or other federal land.

What Restrictions Are There for Residents with a Pennsylvania Medical Card?

The maximum amount of cannabis that a patient can possess at any time is a 90-day supply, in accordance with their physician’s recommendation. Cultivating cannabis at home is not allowed in Pennsylvania, and all cannabis products must be purchased from a licensed PA medical dispensary.

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FAQs About Getting a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card

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